These leg exercises – Just Try

These leg exercises: Your legs keep you moving all day, so taking care of them should be a priority.
These leg movements will ensure that your legs look and feel good all the time, so try at least once a week.If you are skipping a few days in the gym (well, weeks) or decide to try a new HIIT course instead of a regular yoga class, you may experience terrible muscle pain after 24 hours. (Yes, it’s like, even wearing your shoes or getting up off the couch to get jealous).

How to do it:

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.
Start by squatting regularly, then draw your core and jump.
Upon landing, return the body to the squat position and complete an operation.
Do two to three sets of 10 repetitions.

1.Because they are important

They can increase the mobility of the buttocks.
They can train your hamstrings and glutes better than squats.
They can increase their dynamic flexibility, especially in the hamstrings and waist.
How do you do this …

2. Romanian deadweight
Stand with your feet apart from your hips and the bar with your thighs.
Your hand should be separated from the width of the shoulder.
Keep your back straight, bend your waist and then place your hips in place to lower your waist.
Keep the bar close to the calf and minimize flexibility.
Firmly contract the buttocks, stretch the hips and stand up.

3. Horizontal thrust

Because they are important …

This is an excellent exercise to develop quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.
How to do it:

Stand with your feet apart and keep your hands on your chest.
Take a big step to the side with the right leg, then push the hips back, bend the right knee, lower the body until the right knee bends 90 degrees.
Push back to start. That is a representative.

4. Skipping the box

Because they are important …

Jumping will help you build and increase muscle tension in your lower body and upper body better than most exercises.
This is the way to skip pictures …

Stand about 20 cm from a 15 cm step.
Enter the exercise position, the knees are slightly bent and the weight is placed on the soles of the feet.
Jump quickly to the center of the steps, then jump back to start and fall gently on your feet.
Watch the following video for guidance:

5. The rise of the calf

The benefit of this is the name, this exercise will strengthen and adjust the calf muscles.
How do you do this …

Stand on one foot and bend the other leg at a 90 degree angle.
Stand straight to the spine and absorb the abdominal muscles.
Straighten the knees and lift the feet.
Pause at the top and tighten the calf muscles.
Lower until your feet are aligned with the workbench; do not place them below the level of the workbench.