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Hunter and Betsy, co-owners of Casseroles, were working on getting their new business off the ground and enlisted my services for the website. They liked a minimal aesthetic and wanted a truly easy way to manage the content.


We went with a stark color palette and the relatively neutral Helvetica to keep the look clean and understated. Spacing and typography, underscored by slight color changes, bring a calm order to the layout.

The site is designed on a simple 3 column grid with the only real layout change being the front page, where the sidebar is on the left instead of the right.

It’s simple, clean, and brings the information to the forefront.


Unify Edit Screen
Unify makes updating CasserolesAtlanta.com easy.
Because their content management needs were light (no page creation and management control, just copy edits), we implemented the Unify content management system.

Unify allows me to specify content-editable regions on the page that give them on-screen editing access. I can defined closed regions as well repeating patterns that they can clone and multiple. The sidebar items, for example, are repeating units. They can add or delete sidebar items as they wish while keeping consistent styling. The main content areas are large editable areas while the navigation links are simple, smaller editable areas. The menu page is a series of repeatable areas: each menu section is a unit and the specific menu items exist in a simple, structured list.

The on-screen editing proved quite convenient for them. Once logged in, they make edits and changes right on the screen. Unify provided them with a wonderful mix of control and stability with the content.


Casseroles is one of the first sites I made moving towards responsive. It’s not fully responsive as the term is currently being used in web design, but rather adaptive. At specific breakpoints, the design shifts from content and sidebar columns to a one content column with the sidebar doubled below to a single, linear design. With this structure, the site works on a number of devices.