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DeWinter Wonderland Page

Daniel DeWitt arranged and recorded a Christmas album and wanted to present it alongside a letter to fans of Winston Audio in the form of a landing page for the Winston Audio website. He wanted to keep the design simple, allow users to play and download the album, and point users to the Kickstarter page for his next solo project.

A Design and Feature Walkthrough

Daniel had all the content ready for the site; we wanted to bring this content to the forefront of the page. Stark design is great for emphasizing content, and upfront content is crucial for stark design. Sparse graphical elements requires attributes like spacing, sizes, and layout to be perfect.

The layout guides the user first to the Christmas album and then to the letter. Casual visitors may be interested in the music but not the letter, while more invested fans would be interested in both. Laying out the content in this order pleases both visitors.

The grayscale interface items and typography take a note from iTunes to enforce the album concept. The callout buttons follow the priorities for the page: first, download the free album and then, if so inclined, donate towards the Kickstarter page.

The Kickstarter widgets themselves are hidden by default and revealed on click to maintain the streamlined focus of the design. The album information and track listings occupy the same space to keep the page compact while introducing the visitor to the album and then allowing the user to preview the tracks. The in-browser track playing is handled by the Yahoo! Media Player, which is incredibly quick to implement and provides a lot of in page function.

The gorgeous cover photography was done by Monica B Photography. Clicking the image opens it in a lightbox, showcasing album art.