Use Appropriately Sized Images

An easy way to bloat page size and resultant load time is to use images that are larger than needed. To combat this, take the time to use appropriately sized images for your content.

In WordPress, this can easily be managed by using the built in image sizes. Every image that is uploaded through WordPress is resized to Large, Medium, and Thumbnail sizes which can be chosen when inserting images into posts and pages. Those sizes can be set in the backend in Media Settings. If I built and installed your WordPress site, then I set those sizes to work with the site layout. Use those sizes. Unless the uploaded image is smaller than the large size setting, you shouldn’t use the “full size” option. As a bonus, your images will be consistently sized across your site.

If you’re not using WordPress, you may be using a CMS that has different automatic resizing settings or doesn’t resize images at all. If it uses different resizing settings, make sure those are set correctly and make use of those resized images. If it doesn’t automatically resize images, then take the time to resize in photo editing software before you upload.

Full size digital photos can be quite large files, take the extra time to use resized version appropriate for your site. It’s relatively easy and can make a big difference in keeping your pages light loading quickly.