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Jonathan Holston is a nominee for the episcopacy in the United Methodist Church. His nomination committee was looking for an affordable website solution to communicate Jonathan’s leadership, experience, values, and interpretation of the role of a bishop in the United Methodist Church.


Screenshot of part of Jonathan Holston's header.
The large header image introduces the user to Jonathan: compassionate, experienced, leader.

I wanted to communicate both Jonathan’s humanity and his leadership strengths. The page greets the user with a gorgeous image of Jonathan preaching. His facial expression and hand position communicate his wisdom and teaching spirit. Each of the secondary images on the various pages communicate something different about Jonathan: his connection to family, his leadership, and his relational approachability.

The blue was chosen for it’s peaceful presence, conveying intelligent, contemplative leadership, lacking the aggression associated with the warm side of the spectrum. The gold was chosen for it’s complementary status to the blue and for it’s association with leadership and authority. The two work in tandem to provide an aesthetic of welcoming leadership.

While the body text is the workhorse Helvetica, Palatino was chosen as the title typeface for it’s personable look. It pays tribute to the calligraphic handwriting that came before type, giving it a human connection.

The content is streamlined and accessible to the user. In addition to keeping the navigation intentionally focused (just four page: Home, Meet Jonathan, The Roles of a Bishop, and Endorsements), pages with more than one sub-categorization are minimized to direct the user’s attention and allow informed exploration. A high-level overview of the site is easily grasped and deeper levels of information are easily accessed.


The website is built according to the latest standards and best practices for great cross-device experiences. Built with Unify as its CMS, it maintains a lightweight page weight, keeping page load times low.

Mockup of how the site looks on an iPhone
The design adapts to display well across devices.

Mobile Considerations

The site employs responsive design to allow for device agnosticism. The design doesn’t care what kind of device or screen size you’re using, it adapts for an optimal experience. Different sized images load in the header depending on the device’s screen size, keeping the page load appropriately smaller for smaller devices, while larger screen-sizes receive the appropriately larger images.

JonathanHolston.org communicates the character of Jonathan Holston both literally and visually. It will most likely be a temporary site during the election period, so go take a look.

JonathanHolston.org is no longer live now that the election is over. Jonathan succeeded in being elected to serve as bishop for the United Methodist Church.